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Josh performing live with Beastie Boys' keyboardist Money Mark circa 2000

"Remix the Remixer"

Mixman® and the Josh Gabriel Connection

In 1988-89, a 20 year old exchange student from Calif. Institute of the Arts, was living in the Hague in Holland and studying at the Institute of Sonology. Josh Gabriel had already been working with digital music since his high-school days, achieving mastery of the DX7 and TX816 by the age of 17. With a Mac Plus, operating system 3, and the earliest of music applications like Mark of the Unicorn’s “Composer” and “Performer”, Josh was already at the bleeding edge.

In Holland, Gabriel’s inventor spirit took shape as he wrote a computer application to control samples on an Akai S900 in real-time with a joystick. And the inception for what later became Mixman had been born. Along with electronics whiz Jan Pannis, (Stockhausen’s tech-man) Gabriel and Pannis built an apparatus which converted beams of light coming up off the floor into a Midi Control device and the 20 year old Gabriel dressed in black, wearing white gloves performed his real-time beat-trigger device in the clubs of Amsterdam.

By ’93 Gabriel was doing high-end digital sound editing, design and production in LA, and finally found a business partner and the journey that was to become Mixman began.

Mixman had always been conceived as a hardware device, the “Walkman”, the “Discman”, the “Mixman”… and several proto-types were built. The path to hardware was longer than software and in late 1995 early ’96 the first Mixman application was released to the public. Spin Control, included 8 songs from the San Francisco underground Dance Music scene, that were remixable with only a PC, enough ram and a proper sound card. Mixman was here!

By 1999, Mixman had evolved and grown and merged with a larger Expanding briefly to the Mac platform and deepening it’s relationship with Record Labels and MTV as well as starting work with Mattel on a controller (eventually became the DM2) -- things looked good. But as happened with many dot.coms the ride got bumpy. In late 2000 Gabriel decided he had had his fill of the corporate life, and decided he wanted to return to “music”.

In a mere two years, with only his instincts, passion and skill, he went from an inventor of technology to one of the leading DJ’s and producers, debuting at #42 on the chart of the top 100 DJ’s in the world. (Click here for current full Gabriel Bio)

In 2002 Mixman sprung free of the shackles and returned to independence. Since, Mixman has been working hard to re-establish itself and provide affordable software, entertaining interactive music experiences, and creative power to beginners and advanced beat twisters alike. While no longer active with day-to-day matters, Gabriel continues to advise in his role as a Board Member of Mixman.

Mixman congratulates Josh Gabriel on his continued success and accomplishments in the Dance Music world of today, and we are enthusiastic to present this opportunity to old Mixman heads, and new ones to come!