GC P-Funk D-Plate 8-Pak
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Get More Sounds for DM2™ and XPro™

Need more beats, loops or entire songs to remix with DM2 or XPro?

Get them here with D-Plates™ and Soundiscs™.


Soundiscs are libraries of sounds in various styles like Hip-Hop, House,
Drum n Bass, Latin and more!


D-Plates are "songs" from artists and producers in Mixman format. These singles include a set of tracks that all work together in DM2, XPro and even Demo versions of Mixman software.


Free Music

Vintage D-Plates™ from the Deep Mixman Archive

Check it out! See what artist songs are availble for use with DM2™, XPro™ and other Mixman software products!

Over the years, Mixman has worked with many record labels, producers, DJ's, bands and individual artists -- some well known, others connected to the underground -- to bring some of their tracks to Mixman users. These special interactive songs are called D-Plates™ (digital dub-plate) Many of these older songs are 'out of print' now, but check the archive to see what songs are available today. And check back periodically to see what has been added. Look for special re-issue promotions!