GC P-Funk D-Plate 8-Pak
out of print


Mixman D-Plate Multi-Paks

Spin Control
Classics of the SF Dance Underground


Melodic Freeway
Electronica Basics Volume 1

Pulse Tactics
Electronica Basics Volume 2

Modern Patter
Electronica Basics Volume 3

What you get. How it works.

D-Plates are producer or artist songs in Mixman format. Each D-Plate comes with at least 16 Tracks, (TRK Files) and a Mixman mix file( .MIX ) So a 10-Pak includes no less than 160 Tracks in all.

When you purchase, you will be issued an authentication key and a link. You will then download the D-Plate 10-Pak installer. Initiate the Install and enter the key. The installer will put all the tracks and mixes in the right folders in your Mixman Technologies directory on your PC. Access the newly installed D-Plates from within the Mixman software.

The Audio Previews are short examples of what some of the music sounds like when used in Mixman software and/or DM2.