Mixman Hardware

The Mixman USB Hardware Controller:

The custom designed Mixman USB Hardware Controller was speficially designed to control Mixman software. Currently it is available as part of the DM2, DM2 Turbo and LoopStudio boxed product offerings. (Due later in 2005, will be Mixman DJ which will also include the hardware).

The Mixman USB Controller is a sleek device designed with a layout based on real decks. Each virutal-turntable has a pliable rubber surface with 8 trigger buttons for each track of audio. Use the large interior buttons to lock and unlock tracks, or the 'Solo Button' to breakdown the mix. There are 4 Macro-triggers for instant recall of audio snapshots including Tempo. W.A.R.P. (wideband audio real-time processing) FX are controlled with the smooth touch of the Joystick. Use the cross-fader to work it back and forth, and use the Transformer controls to open and close the audio gate on each deck.
With practice you can develop your own style and technique! For more info, see the product pages.


a combination of DM2 plus the more advanced StudioPro software and 1 Free Soundisc.


LoopStudio Bundle

For the serious producer -- includes USB Controller + the advanced StudioXPro software, Zero-X TrackCreator software, over 1000 audio tracks in many styles.

Explore each of the Product Pages to get all the details on the feature differences, and to see Specifications and Screen Shots.

All current Mixman products works with Windows XP and 2K.

If you already have a DM2 or XPro click here for LoopStudio Upgrade-paks.
Updates and more info are available on the individual product pages.