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Mixman LoopStudio™

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The new Mixman LoopStudio is for all serious Producers as well as DJs. It is a combination of the Mixman USB Hardware Controller, with Mixman's high-end advanced StudioXPro software, Zero-X TrackCreator and over 1000 sounds and 5000 samples.

Available at Virgin Megastore, and other retailers or right here at Mixman.com for the "Mixman Advantage": for a limited time, get a Free bonus Soundisc with your purchase!
LoopStudio - What you get:

Custom USB Controller, with dual independent scratch rings, W.A.R.P. FX Joystick, Crossfader, Macro-triggers, Transformer Controls, 16 independent Track Triggers and more.
Mixman StudioXPro, the most advanced version of Mixman software for the sersious beat twisters and beat junkies. Includes FX, Editing, Step Sequencer, Overdub Recording, 32 Track Real-time Sample playback, Auto-beat matching, Punch-in Record and more.
Zero-X TrackCreator, an advanced audio editing software package that allows you to cut-up any audio file and make your own loops for Mixman.
Over 1000 Mixman Track files, and over 5000 samples, over 300 new and never before released in any Mixman product!.

(If you already own a DM2 and want the "LoopStudio Upgrade-Pak" or if you already own XPro and want the "hardware controller" visit the Upgrades page.)

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